My beloved students!

Hey my lovely blog!

The days at school are getting better i guess.

On the 10th of July which is hari khamis, aku telah meng-MC-kan diri aku dari ke sekolah. Well, I had a flu and a little bit of fever so aku pon decided to stay at home. But the fun thing happened the following day, 11th of July, which is yesterday. Before aku g skolah semalam, I went out with my aunt and we went to the clinic again to confirm for the appoinment kt sepital. Then, we went to Bkt. Raja sat and then she sent me to school. Seteleh kami berburaks about how I hate the school and all, masuk2 kt school compound, aku jejak je kaki dari kete, students aku dari jauh screamed, "TEACHER!!" aku dgn surprised nye tgk ar..patu 2,3 students tnye, "Teacher, where were you yesterday? why didn't you come to the class?", "we were waiting for you", "we tot u pindah already", "we tot u hate us"...bla..bla..bla.. padahal aku baru MC sehari! tbe2 aku rse touched.

Then, aku ajar class 2D. we had a very simple and fun class semalam. ye la ada satu period je and these guys are like way too fast than the other classes. aku bg la diorang copy passage that i have written on a mahjong paper. for their own good jgk. ko tau la time skolah dulu kite pon copy kt papan putih tu lembab kalah sipot! then, Joseph, budak moral dlm class 2D tnye aku, "teacher, why are you doing this haa?" aku pelik..aku tnye la "Why? You don't like it?" die ckp plak, "no teacher! i love it. because the previous teachers who taught us never did anything like this. that day, you made a copy of article report for everyone, then you made us copies of interesting things and today this." aku dah bangga, tapi aku cover macho aku ckp dgn kerek skali, "Why? You don't like it? You want me to do exercises only from the textbook?" "no,no,no,no teacher!'s heavy. i like it like this. please do more of this teacher!" perghhh!!! terharu siyott!!

Sayang pulak budak2 ni kt aku! haha. I told my mom about this and she said, "now, you have actually won the battle!" aku menarik la napas lega..fuhh!

Here are some of the photos..

2A, 2D and 1KRK2,
I love you guys so much!


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