hari ini dalam history.

Another good thing happen today. So kak Seri and abg Irfan have finally welcomed their new born child. It's a good thing that the so called predictions of when the baby's coming out didn't really fall out of the plan.. At first, kak seri thought of having the baby on the 26th of july so that it will be the same with her birthday, "26th" of september, or mine, "26th" of november! (okay my part, it was just a coincident) and the baby didn't come out as planned. so, they waited up until yesterday, and I remember telling abg Irfan, "tgk-tgk baby lahir 28th of july. "28th" as in "28th" of december, TJ's birthday. (yes, i know, i'm being hilariously funny). but still, the baby didn't come out. so, she came out at 6.30 am this morning, 29th of july 2010! so, welcome dearest child! you are on earth, in langkawi, MALAYSIA! and yes, you are half dutch, half malay, half indonesia, half jawa, and you are beautiful! (i haven't seen the pictures yet, but i can tell).

so, i'm declaring that today is a happy, non-stress, lively, and more to life day and we have to have CUTI! (okay, i'm making this up pulak)

what's more to be happy about other than getting "anak buah angkat"? well, yesterday, i have finally watched "Despicable Me". Yes, BEST GILA okay!



  1. babies are nice ^^




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