a new hobby of mine.

hey my dear princess! do you know that baking is the In-thing now??

yup! last week i made moist chocolate cake with chocolate fudge! and this coming weekend, i'm thinking of baking a tiramisu cake! yikes!

i'm so nervous! and at the same time, i can't wait for weekends! so, i guess i'll see you soon yah baby? and i'll bake you a cake whenever we are celebrating your birthday okay? that's more like it than buying cake at the bakery.

Omigosh, your mommy is a very sentimental person! i will bake the cake out of love. i promise!

so, here's a picture of cupcakes that i'll bake for you and your daddy one day!


picture was taken here


  1. hey one is missing a ni..cherry **coughs** very yummy looking

  2. bodoh lah hang. hahaha

  3. betol whaaat yummy2 ahahaha

  4. uppss...i didnt know that tiramisu need to be bake..

    u should share your recipe here:)

    btw, im baking cheese tart tonite:)

  5. cindir-rela: hey you. well, i supposed so. let me check again. maybe i have to postpone my mission to bake the cake because apparently, i have to work on weekends as well! haiya!


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