this is chaotic. trust me.

seriously, the words that i'm trying to say seem so hard to come out. i wanted to post something joyful, something happy and bright but i kept on having this silly, moody, gloomy and not to mention, dark memories inside my head. it really is annoying.

life is just too short to waste over this dark, pathetic, sadness. i want to move on and live my life to the fullest. why can't time moves a bit faster?

my heart knows that the next chapter of my life is coming very soon. it's just that the narrator of my life, myself keeps on going around the bush and lingering over the old plot of my story and i can't seem to think of the perfect ending of the previous season. maybe the original idea is not meant to be the ending yet. maybe there should be a proper, more extravagant finale for me and TJ, and the life revolves around us.

some people don't like a sad ending, so do i. but if it's going to be one, it has to be an astoundingly, or melancholy-sad-ending. it's not that i need a round of applause from the audience or anything. but i need to really know that i am happy with decisions that i make on my own and it's not based on what TJ wants or what or how others want to see/feel for me.

this is me. i am different than others. i don't want to be the same girl who adores Edward Cullen or Jacob and it's not because i want people think i am different but it is for a fact that i am different.


  1. Hip Hip Hoorah Fir Whatever Chaos Comes


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