One thing that I learn in this life

THEY are all the same.

THEY are so indecisive about what do THEY want in life.

THEY will come and chase us and make us feel wanted but THEY will start to run away when we stop running.

Today, THEY show us how concern THEY are towards us, tomorrow, THEY will definitely not going to say anything at all.

Sama je lah korang semua ni.


  1. aih marah kak ^^"

    bawak bersabor yo....

    lumrah alam tu

  2. lumrah alam yg pointless dan patut diubah. haha. bila ko ckp lumrah alam, mksudnya ko bg excuse. itu yg tak bagos tu.

  3. hahahaha
    bagus tu. UBAH jangan tak UBAH
    Ubah itu bedebaah~~!!


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