Extrinsic motivation

I guess I am now used to the extrinsic motivation when it comes to work. No offense, I love my job. I love teaching. But it's just a little too much when you have used all your energy and effort to fulfill a tremendous job as a teacher but your employer fails to pay you. Even worse, is failing to conform to the annual appraisal increment.

The motivation to come to work is somewhat reduced when knowing you are not going to be paid on time or even earlier as that indicates the employer is actually appreciating your hard work for the month. This has never appeared in my life dictionary. No one appreciates anymore.

The employer is no longer an employer but he or she so to speak, thinks he or she owns us. But hey, even slaves are fed by their masters so that they have energy to work more.

All in all, I am just broke. I am so broke that I don't even have any more cents to spend to come to work tomorrow.

Life is at its "peak" now.



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