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It's been hectic weeks and months to most of us here in LUCT. There are module planning, updating attendance, training programs, classes, students coming in to see the teachers and asking stupid questions like, "how come I fail?"or "my friends get C+ and I got C, I want to appeal for my "+""! Nevertheless, life is going as usual, very mundane and tiring. My life to be exact has been such an unhealthy one; no more healthy diet, no more gym, no more swimming and not even shopping or going out to hang out. Most of the time is spent in bed, in front of the mini book, watching tv series online or reading up blogs.

Nothing interesting until yesterday, the second time I came across this blind guy on the train. So, I asked his name, Wan, 23 years old and he lives in Brickfield. Every Tuesday he'll go to Setiawangsa to go to the night market in Jelatek with his fellow friends to work there. He does foot massage; Reflexology. I bet he has an interesting life going on. He was helped by a guy before he boarded the train and yes, I was actually checking up on the guy who helped Wan but that didn't last long as when Wan was sitting next to me, I realized he was counting the stations, trying not to miss his stop. I thought he wouldn't remember me, so I asked him, where he's going and he said, "Setiawangsa lagi kak" (Setiawangsa again kak). He said he recognizes my voice and my perfume. I smell like a sweet flower according to him! So, the conversations started from there.

Along the journey, Wan was clutching (like having a spasm) so I asked him whether he's okay or not. Apparently, when he feels too cold, he'll clutch. Poor kid. He's so skinny and little. If only that I had my shawl with me, I'd wrap it around him so he won't feel cold. Talking and seeing him like that somehow made me realize that God is great. What happened on the train last night shows that life does not only revolve around you and in this life, if you think you are the least fortunate, you're wrong. They are others who are in need of greater help and who have way more unfortunate stories to tell. Contrition hits me there and then, up until today.

Before we part ways, I told Wan that I'd say "hi" if I see him again some day. I will. I am proud to say, I do have a blind friend now and I think he's awesome. Looking forward to see Wan again and probably, I'll ask him why is he not studying or how many siblings does he have or maybe, who is he living with in Brickfield? I can be very nosy. I know. Ngeh.


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  2. **has proudly successfully stymied a few snide remarks**

    it's always great to meet a new friend.

    and yes it's lovely when you get to experience those beautiful moments where things just get into perspective.


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