If you're white, I don't like you now

I don't care even if you live in this world for 100 years and still be a jerk. So, please, even if the trees have never do me any good (well of course, not directly), I'd still want to help to save them.

Yes, by printing on the recycled papers you people (especially you) have printed on one-sided for 1000 copies! or to even print them in 2-sided of a page! It's not only because I want to save the trees or the world but I'm living a modest life these days - avoid wasting money, paper, time or whatever things that can be wasted and use up the full out of it.

Of course, now, the tree is not helping you to give you a dollar/ringgit note when you want to pay for the cab, but it is giving you that air you are breathing you moron! Imagine if there are 100 of yous, printing a single line of sentence on one-sided page of an A4 for 1000 students, and how many trees that we have to cut down? That how-many-trees can actually help to produce oxygen and help us recycle back the carbon dioxide you emit EVERYDAY!

Do the math idiot, do the math now!

One more thing, if you think that your being-sarcastic-ignorant-poker-face expression is funny, think again, you're in a freaking better country than yours, Malaysia and if you don't like it, like what I've always said, leave.

There you go readers (ada ke?), if you think them expats are good, no they're not. They're just self-absorbed and perasan. The person I'm condemning here would be one of the teachers. How shallow? A teacher educates not irritates.

Yours truly.


  1. bengong diorg ni... i pon slalu tgk kan aje diorg pny bijaksane kertas nk gune potong2 pon gune yg baru... xnak bersusah2 tuka paper... ape la salahnye kan?

  2. ironically some Malaysians actually act the same in other parts of the world.

    Chill Out Stay Frosty

    i really don't see why select groups see view expats as sage individuals of higher understanding of the universe...their just as much fecked up as the rest of us, hell even more, if they had to run away to distant lands, for whatever reason.

    YOUCH~~ Burn baby~ Burn Bitch~


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