same dream..

I keep on having the same dream over and over again.

It annoys me as it involves too many strangers but the characters seemed to be familiar people whom I always speak to, etc.

And in that dream, I drove a car and I kept on worrying of hitting people and I can't step on the brakes! It really is frustrating to have such dream as everytime I wake up in the morning, I'll feel sad like there's an unfinished business.

Call me mental or whatever you want but I think it's normal to have such dream right although it's the same one over and over again?

And too many times in life after I had that dream, I feel like I hate with the fact that life is moving too slowly for me. I don't want things to move too fast and not too slow as well. Like meeting up with the guy whom I'm destined to be with for example or what exactly that is going to happen to me in 6-10 months ahead!

And at times, I think I'm going bonkers; thinking too much of stuff and swallowing all the painful thoughts on my own and not share it with anyone. My alter-ego keeps on saying that I need a psychiatrist but my id says it's normal to have this. But as for myself, I still am the same person who don't know what exactly that I want in life.

So they say, this is part of life. This is part of being human.

So far, I don't like it that much. Honest.


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