Are you different from me or am I different from you?

How different one can be from the other.

That is one thought that I had in mind immediately after I watched "Mualaf".

But I'm not trying to promote or to prove a point here. I know a lot of you out there have already watched it and this was my first time watching it and yes, it really is heart-throbbing. And funny at the same time.

The message Mak Yasmin was trying to say is that, God exists but probably in different ways/figures but He does exist. We can't see Him obviously. He's too divine that He appears in all sorts of figures and even holy books.

Yes, I was born a Muslim and I have never thought of changing my religion to other. But I respect other religions as I expect them to respect mine. I learned from my religious teacher before, that Tauhid (Islamic Monotheism) has three aspects; Ar-Rububiyyah; Oneness of the Lordship of Allah, to believe that there is only one Lord for all universe; Allah, Al-Uluhiyyah; to believe that none has the right to be worshipped (eg. praying, invoking, asking for help from the unseen, swearing, offering sacrifice, giving charity, fasting, pilgrimage) but, Allah and Al-Asma' was Sifat; Oneness of the Names and the Qualities of Allah.

(The Noble Qur'an; English translation of meanings and commentary)

To be honest, I'm not that good with Islam. I have no idea or whatsoever about which verse in the Qur'an that tells the story of zina and its punishment to the wrong-doers. But I like to read it from time to time. So, if I were to look for a guide of which is right, which is wrong, I'd definitely refer to the Qur'an Al-Karim.

What is so interesting with the film by Mak Yasmin is that she was able to intrigue my mind and heart again into going to the library in my office and get the Tafsir Qur'an and read it.

I'm not reviewing about the film nor writing about the plot as I want you to go ahead and watch it for yourself. You might think that this is another one of those Sepet, Gubra or revolutionary film written by Mak Yasmin. But yes, it is. (Don't mind my confusing irony).

Each and every film she wrote tells a different story. Those stories touched me straight into my heart. Some people might find it provoking and insensitive but I think Mak Yasmin is one hell of a talent! She managed to open up my eyes, heart and soul into believing that, there's nothing wrong with being the same or being different.

Your religion might be the same like mine but I have different way of believing it or you may have different religion but by the end of the day, our faith towards our Gods is equally the same.

I feel at lost when Mak Yasmin died. Despite all that rumours or perhaps true story about her, I respected her for what she believed in and for what she fought for. I don't know whether or not what she believed in and tried to tell us were true but I felt it at heart. I know everytime I saw her advertisements and even films, it felt right and I felt ashamed of myself for not being a good Muslim; though I was born as one, for not being a lady-like; as I was born one and others who weren't envied me and especially for not being a better daughter and sister as I know if only that I realized it sooner, my family won't be too distant from one another.

I hope that Mak Yasmin's talents and films won't go to waste. I hope that they are not just another propaganda of the media or the government to cover up our eyes and hearts into believing the truth, to what we think what is rightfully right.


Al-fatihah to Mak Yasmin. Damai lah kau disana. Amin.


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