Rambling thoughts 7

I was having a cup of coffee up in the Plaza where I work now with Farid and Nora this morning. Together with the coffee we had our usual Malay breakfast; Nasi Lemak and Kuay Teow. As usual, although I was with them, having breakfast, chatting and all, I was still able to put on my thinking hat (space out/auto-pilot mode).

Well, there are a lot of things running inside my head every time.

The things that I'm not supposed to have inside my head at all. Those rambling, random thoughts that I usually have in the morning (and perhaps afternoon, evening, and even at night).

I was thinking about the students who were walking passed us, looking all hot and dashing, all fashionista with branded outfits, handbags, mobile phones and all. These students, they are so stinking rich that at times, I had an imagination of them throwing their dollar bills up in the air and let people grab and go just like that. One thing about my personal trait that I don't really fancy; overly dramatic imagination. Though they are stinking rich, I'm sad to acknowledge that these students, they are not really that smart. Well, probably not all, some of them are not really that smart.

What do I mean by "smart"? Take this as an example; using copying Wikipedia's website for their assignments and claim it was originally written by them, forgetting the fact that I used to study in a university and probably had done those things too. But at least, those days, me and my friends, we "borrowed" the works of others wisely rather than stupidly copy the whole thing and get caught red handed.

Despite of all their stupidity in copying completing their assignments, there are also those who are really committed to their studies. They take things very serious and have been doing such tremendous job at finishing their assignments. I must say, so far, I am so proud of my Architecture students. They have been showing a great deal of interests in my teachings and by far, the most diligent and critical students. One of the assignments they have to complete this semester is that Argumentative Essay and most of them have been providing me with an insightful of thoughts and arguments of the topics chosen earlier.

I like this positive air and feeling I have inside especially when the students are interested with what I'm teaching. It's not really easy to teach rich kids. Or should I say, LUCT students? They have high demands of the way you teach and even the way you treat them. In my defence, I struggled to get the perfect momentum to teach here. It's not an easy task when you're bombarded with a lot of provocative questions and acts of your credibility to teach them especially when they see you, a new, raw, young tutor and they can actually "sniff" your fear and low self-confidence!

Alhamdulillah that I have managed to encounter that phase. I know I'm getting there. My dad did posted an entry in his blog wishing that I'll become like Adibah Amin, a charismatic former teacher, writer of As I was passing by and many other great writings but I'm not sure about the writing part. I'll probably be an educator as long as I could but as a writer? I have to say, it's not an easy thing to do. You have to be very talented in writing and I am not talented at all. All I could do is write up my rambling thoughts and I could never be as good as her. She wrote magnificent stories about life, about people, about her and I don't even have any story to tell.

So, I think I'll stick to writing in this small, hiding place of mine. Well, I've tried hiding it from a lot of people but they still found it. Should really consider call it something else, other than hiding place lah!


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