Personal trait

Apa personal trait(s) yang paling korang benci?

Well, mine would be my crankiness and overly emotional over things. Memang paling annoying. When I have the episodes of mood-swings, I know a lot of people can't tolerate with me. Even my mom couldn't stand it. Even aku sendiri pun tak suka. And if you guys wanna share some tips or advices on how to minimize the feelings, do share. But please don't say, "g amek air sembahyang dow" or "ko kena banyak bersabar weh" sebab all these will only add up to my annoyance.

Aku seriously don't think that I was born with this trait and by far, I couldn't recall when the heck that I got it. Sikit-sikit nak tantrum. Sikit-sikit nak cranky. Lepas tu, the feelings are hard to stop! Kalau cranky, nak kena rasa marah yang melampau and up to a point, nangis dengan paling syahdu sebab marah sangat! Kenapa sampai macam ni? Is this a disease? AWKWARD!

Like what happened yesterday, takde salah apa, encik abang reply lambat sikit pun, aku dah emo macam nak gila. This is stupid. Seriously, sangat stupid! Who would wanna do that? Aku jek kot.

And when I woke up this morning for Fajr, I felt this big resentment in my heart, a throbbing pain in my chest and a thousand of even more anger of what I've said and done last night. Tapi dah tak emo, just regret.

I seriously need a therapist don't I? Sigh..

To my dearest encik abang, I'm really sorry for the tantrums I've been causing you love. I'll try to reduce it and thank you for being so understanding and patience. Betul la orang cakap, orang lagi tua nih, memahami lebih and more mature. Thank God I found you.

O Allah, give me patience and give him patience too in dealing with me. Syukran ya Allah for him. Syukran ya Allah for the blessings. If this is the one good man for me, my Islam and family, panjangkan lah jodoh kami. Amin.


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