A day in the Pyramid

Karaoke turned jalan-jalan at the Sunway Pyramid today was fun. The organizer of the rendezvous is Mr. Afiq and so we thought that we could melalak in the VVIP room with the rest of 10 comrades. It turned out to be the rates for today is not the same as the usuals (RM 7++ per person).

According to the "lovely" and "charming" lady at the counter, "ini hari rates dia lain kerana public holiday lohhh" and there I thought..."Ohh..that's why". Then, one of us suddenly asked what's the date for today? It's 24th of Dec! So, what are we celebrating for today? Again, the lady in the front desk with her "so lovely and charming" intonation, "haiya! ini christmas eve ma..public holiday lohh!"


She just triggered the most dangerous nerve in my head and poof!

"Dalam calendar ada tulis ke hari ni public holiday?! calendar mane? USA? Canada? Singapore? Ini MALAYSIA okay!"

And it was not even an evening or should I say malam! It was 1 pm/1300 hrs! I felt like smacking her head and then chop it off and send it as a Christmas gift to the dogs! We went off while still blabbering about the karaoke lady and her baghal workplace.

We had actually paid for the parking tickets until 6pm so that we won't have to worry about the car's being towed or clamped by the authority while karaoke-ing and there goes the RM 3.50 for the parking down the drain. Lahanat.

Then, we took our little disappointment to Sunway Pyramid thinking that we might still got the chance to melalak at the Redbox! As soon as we reached there, the place was crammed with people buying presents at the very last minute for the Christmas celebration tomorrow. We pursued our interest upon walking down the paths in the mall checking out interesting stuffs displayed without worrying about time or anything else.

Eventually right after a heavy late breakfast+lunch+tea+early dinner, we thought of playing bowling game. Our beloved Oni and mr. organizer of the day, Afiq went to buy cheap socks so that we won't have to pay for the socks provided at the bowling arena. I don't mean to be a total superstitious but I do strongly agree with the fact that our shit was so dang out of luck!

The bowling arena was full with pro players from around the world. They had a tournament held on this particular day! How GREAT is that? Well, we gain some and we lose some aite? We were darn full with the great food so a little sacrifice would be nice. An old acquaintance would say, redha je la. We strolled next door to the Archery arena and decided to pay RM16.50 to have a brand new experience of Robin Hood! It was fun and I did shoot well! *standing ovation for Fie and Afiq because they didn't need any help from the instructor unlike me and Oni.*

The fun and excitement continued at the Arcade. Yep the one where most Malaysian teenagers like to hang out wasting their allowance and where the Chinese-boys-who-love-to-shuffle would usually go and practice their Para-para Sakura dance. We tried almost everything and damn, it was FUN!

I sweat, my friends sweat, the heat was beyond extraordinary so we had to stop and part with the others who had to go back home early. So, there we were (me, fie and afiq) strolling down the mall, spying on some great stuffs and perfumes. Gossiping about things that matter, having a nice Taiwanese ABC, munching on kedondong and Pink Jambu, laugh about irrelevant matters and suggesting about what we should do this coming New Year's eve was the things that we could have done forever!

It was time to go but before we leave, we had our J.co donuts. It was on me! Very comforting and tremendously over-whelming to hang out with afiq and fie. Fun la weh!! Wee~

By the way, here's a photo of afiq with his new stylo-lookin' spectacles. I picked this one out for him because I think he looks so gorgeous in it.


  1. ahaha since when christmas eve public holiday?? sarawak ramai christians pun tak hols kot.

  2. haha that lady la and her workplace la bongok!

  3. jahat nye that lady! so that means malam raya, malam deepavali, malam hari buruh dan eve untuk semua public holidays yg lain pun mahal juga la kira? tak betul la makcik tuh. haha

  4. ye la kot.
    bengong kan?


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