It's happening again.
This time around in Bukit Antarabangsa and it really is a tragedy.
The weather right now is so gloomy and dark just like when the last tragedy of landslide in the Highland Tower. It was just like yesterday. I could still feel the sorrow and the hear the tears of my neighbours who happened to have relatives who stayed there.
At the time I was still a kid and know nothing much about lost of loved ones. I was still at the school and when one of our friends whose aunt involved in the tragedy, all we could say was, "my condolence". It is more than that actually.
When the news break this morning, everyone was awake and watched the tv to keep on updates of the landslide. I honestly have tears in my eyes everytime that watched the news.
It is still in a stable state they say but anything could just happen in another few minutes time. Especially with the weather like this. It has been raining since last night and it has not stopped. I must say, if it's going on raining like this, there might be a consequence of another landslide and God knows, which house is going to be buried under the heavy soil.
One after another the roads are being closed. The houses are being evacuated and everyone is being placed at a safer place. The government has initiated some cautious measures learned from the previous events. They don't want the same mistakes and same heartless tragedy to happen again.
Save the families by evacuating the premises is the safest thing to do.
Mom said, "kesian ehh diorang. rumah semua banglo atas tu. insurans sure tak cover. this is malapetaka bukan kena rompak and stuff. kesian la diorang."
I was rather devastated to hear that. The houses in Bkt. Antarabangsa, I should say, are not merely houses. I dare not call it house but mansion and castle! Imagine how much damage the landslide has cost?
In all let's just take this as God's fate and test upon us.
Let's just pray that they are always protected and saved and let's just hope that there's a better tomorrow for them. Insyaallah.

In the Quran, Allah mention, "Sesungguhnya beserta dengan kesusahan itu ada kelapangan." (Surah Al-Insyirah: 6)


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