Of pigs and men II

Apart of all the annoyance that I mentioned before, I have totally forgotten to include how miserable and pain in the ass they are!

Men can get even more pigs when they start to pull off the act.

What act? I bet every girl who reads this will know the act. The guys who think they are more superior than the ladies and tend to take advantage on their own misery or those guys who take us, ladies for granted.

It is really sad to know that this thing actually happened. Imagine how stupid a guy is to really pull stupid things like that?

I'm not saying that every male population acts this way but almost 90% of my own life experience I discovered that my sadness and solemn came from them.

I'm not judging any random guy who actually gets closer to me to get to know me and not to get to know my girlfriends or any such. I just hope that the ones who do get closer to me for any other reason than knowing me should go and screw yourselves.
You are not worth any of my girlfriends' attention or likings since that you are so dastard and not to mention a COWARD!

Ladies hate chickens. If you are one, so please, go and get help! When you have finally gained your confidence, then you come back and flatter us with that act. Until then, you could just keep your whatever intention towards a girl into that small pocket of yours and stay away from us.

This is me being so hateful towards the genesis of dastard, shameful and chicken pigs.


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