nouvelle année!

I am eager to part ways with 2008 and welcome the year of Ox, 2009. In all I must say not everything in the Rat's year are pretty much dirty or disgusting. There were some of the beautiful occasions that once in a while smiled on me during this tough season of the year.

The hardship yet great experiences of being a teacher in a secondary school in one of the urban schools in Shah Alam had actually made me realize, teaching needs sacrifice and leads to a divine satisfaction. I was instructed to teach the advance, intermediate and a beginner class of 13-14 year olds. I knew at the very moment I stepped into the school that I won't have the patience with the students. Somehow throughout the weeks there, I managed to survive and I didn't even want to leave!

My dear students are amazing, genius and unforgettable. I made new relationships with them. I can't name it but my supervisor said, that is students-teacher relationship and this kind of relationship is way better than any other LOVE relationship with men. Well, I AGREE!

Speaking of the rollercoaster phase in life, LOVE. I have made a lot of unpredictable decisions, pretty bad decisions, ugliest decisions and of course, wise ones.

I have encountered so many facets of ups and downs. The bad ones, the good ones and even confusions in relationships. I managed to outlive every thorns, bloodshed and tears. I thank all of the bits of occurence with my greatest gratitude. It is not too agony to say that I am learning to be better from it. The sorrows and heartaches are left behind and being used as the seeds for a greater tree in the new year. The lies and deceptions are the soils and water for my tree. Hence, I pray that if I were to be single in year 2009, I will look stunning and ravishing wanted by all men! *lol*

What about friendship? What about friends?

More and more friends come and go in my life for the past one year. The ones who left, screw you. The ones who are still coming, let's kick the best out of this friendship shall we? Let's hope more and more and more and more jovial, interesting friends are coming into my way. Yay for friends!

As for my dear family, Mom and Babah, my dear brothers, I love you all day by day and will still love you till the end of my life. After I have finally graduated and own a career, I promise to take care each and every one of you. Let's pray for the happiness of our family and the success of the family business. (I sounded as if we are running a mob!)

The classes are starting soon so same goes with my dear friend, Ili the classes, assignments, kipas-ing lecturers, gossiping at the TESL Square, dating new guys and other significant occasions might put me in a situation where time is limited and blogging isn't in the priority list. However, I will find the time to slot in blogging during the weekends so that I won't leave my dear blog and readers (kalau ada la) behind.

I am going to miss my holidays and my sleeping hours at home but deep down inside I know there's something better coming my way. Here I come 2009!

au revoir 2008 and bienvenue to 2009!

p.s. mafia family is super cool!


  1. all the best adeb! see you around. last semester oih.

  2. abok: tenkiu weh
    epi: ya lohh last semester dah oyy!!

  3. i love love this post adeb! ganbatte!

  4. ili: oh ili. thanx for the support! ganbatte for u too!


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