Give me a(n) P, R, O, C, R, A, S, T, I, N, A, T, I, O, N!

Procrastination is a bliss when the deadline is so far away and will not come and hunt you down in a minute or two. However, it will ensure your death when the date is finally here and you are no where near to half of the work.

It has been five years of studying in the university now and procrastination still is my cup of latte! ha-ha.

Some people say that working under pressure creates a better product. If you start doing your work at the very last minute, you are creating a masterpiece. But if your work is done at an earlier time, it won't result as good as the last minute works. (You get what I mean?)

Tapi.... lain orang, lain lah hasilnya kan?

As for me? Well, honestly I'm not sure. There are times when the flow of ideas are here and I could sit in my room and finish the work so swiftly but here is the time when the ideas are not coming even I have called it to come every now and then. Perhaps it is because of other things in which I'm not sure what.

Just give me back the magic. Tolong?


  1. wahh!!! is it a global syndrome or what???? mati la aku!!!

    keje banyak wei!

  2. It IS a global syndrome actually. if it wasn't, where do you think we got the word "Deadline" from? Its at the end of the "Line" and your "Dead".

    Its true , at the last possible minute, your brain can either go 2 ways, go into hyper-drive or Break (or go into hyper-drive THEN break)

    As you can see the dangers is there, its better to structure it from the start, then at the last possible moment re-brainstorm the idea, to see if you can re-create something better, say..a masterpiece.

    Because i can tell you from experience, when your past your presentation schedule, you haven't written a single word, you now have to find 2 panels, book a room and a time slot, all before 12 tomorrow...this is when you may Break down.

    PS: "Magic Of The Moments" are wondrous, but its those "Labor of Loves" that create your most precious of babies, truly something to treasure. A true Masterpiece.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

  3. OMG! you are one hell of a fucking motivator! haha
    PS. sory for the harsh language.


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