Mimpi aku yang indah

Pagi tadi aku came across dengan sebuah situasi di mana, aku ingin sesuatu so badly! tapi kali ini, apa yang aku hajati itu sekadar mimpi sahaja, belum nak dapat lagi.

Agak keterlaluan lah kalau aku cakap, at this point of age, aku dah teringin nak anak sendiri. Tapi, realitinya, itu lah yang aku mahu.

Kecomelan kanak-kanak, bayi yang ada kat atas muka bumi ini membuatkan aku tak tertahan lagi nak ada anak sendiri.

Imagine, aku ada anak sendiri dan the baby calls me, Mom!

Yep! itu lah yang apa akan aku ajar anak aku panggil aku nanti. lantaklah dia nak panggil bapak die ape, aku tak kisah. janji die panggil aku, Mom.

Akan aku sayangi anak aku itu dengan semua cinta yang aku ada di dunia ini.

Oh my baby, one day Mom is going to show you the world with all the love that I have. I'll welcome you with open hands and I will caress you my child to be the best person on earth. And if this blog is still exist in the future when you finally can read, know that Mom is always waiting for you and wanting you here. I know you are the best thing that will happen to me.

Ini semua gara-gara mimpi aku malam tadi lah ni akibat melihat gambar-gambar bayi-bayi kecil di dalam leppy.

ini Mom aku holding ayiq's hand.
One day, I will hold my baby's hand mcm ni kan mom?


  1. Maternal Instincts,
    such a wonderful thing.

    PS:All in due time, everything happens for everyone at their own pace.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

  2. deb, aku pernah mimpi beranak/ada anak lebih kurang 10 kali jugak.ada yg horror,ada yg bes.haha.

    i want one toooo.but not now. :P

  3. epi: ohh really?? so maksod die ape?? i even dreamed abt breast-feeding the baby and it was so great and aku nak sgt2 it happen one day! aww~

  4. It may imply that you are simply ready. A Manifestation of your sub-conscious mind, to tell you that your a absolutely ready for that phase of your life. A phase to find a mate and rear offspring. If only in body and not in mind, a hormonal response if you will. But from what you say of feeling so ready, i believe it is both. You will undoubtedly have these kind of dreams more and more often in the coming years to demonstrate your need for companionship and reproduction. Thus, the conclusion would be the achievement of both in the foreseeable future, that is most certain.

    PS: For now, the best way to soothe the urges would be to ground your 'fantasy' in practicality, by merely studying things on child bearing and children psychology. From the scientific part, to the spiritual, the best way is to also incorporate your learning with those with experience on the field, your parents for example. This is undoubtedly will help you when you immensely in becoming a great mom.

    PSS:This is all mostly based on an assumption that like most of today's youth and young adults, you are already accustomed to the concepts of 'finding a suitable mate' and 'child bearing through sexual reproduction' in scientific,spiritual, and cultural terms.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

  5. A valuable post and it much helpfull to all.Thanks a lot for your post.

    Karim - Positive thinking


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