Secawan kopi panas

Aku buat secawan kopi yang hitam pekat hanya kerana aku nak cuba tulis lagi malam ini.

Aku tahu yang aku boleh siapkan kerja-kerja yang menimbun ini.

I don't need a miracle. I just need patience and passion.

Dengan secawan kopi panas ini, aku berharap yang aku akan dapat the ultimate motivation that I need to finish the works.

The smell of the coffee, the new pair of glasses, the vast technology that babah provides me, and of course, DETERMINATION. Aku yakin aku boleh.

Before that, I browse through the net, read up some favourite blogs and I came across with, Paulo Coelho posted by deyna. She mentioned something about Veronika Decides to Die. Then, aku google-google and I found another interesting title, The Winner Stands Alone and right ahead I know what I should do to get back the magic in me!

I am going to buy the books tomorrow and I'll read them and by the time I finished reading the books, the motivation, the determination, the passion and of course the magic will come back into my fingertips! *hopefully*

Kawan-kawan, aku tahu aku akan siapkan jugak those article reviews and I'm pretty sure those reviews are going to be the reviews of the year! ha-ha.

Wait for my come-back people! the way, this blogger is superbly romantic and not to mention, the type of guy I'm looking for! Pegi ar bace blog die.


  1. A cup of Coffee to warm up the mind( and belly) and a good book to stir up the soul.

    Good luck on those reviews.

    PS: Thanks for directing me to the new BLOG to stalk.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

  2. adeb!!!! nak pinjam the winner stands alone!!!! hahaha i pun peminat coelho gak! :p

  3. erk. izza, blom dpt lg baru dpt veronika decides to die. hihi


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