Please give me rain.

I do realize the fact that I have not written anything to be posted here. The reason is simple, I am busy like hell. Other reasons? Well, perhaps due to the fact that I'm all drained and sucked dry from any ideas to be shared.

To be honest, I've been meaning to write a piece of crap to be submitted really soon. Apparently because of the drainage matter that I am facing right now, I am not able to write anything. As if the magic that I owned all this while disappeared. So that makes me one cranky nanny sitting in front of the laptop trying to figure out what to write.

I'd really hoped that one day I have a river flow of ideas so that I could finish all of my works ASAP! I didn't want to procrastinate because I know how it will suck in the end. But with my condition right now, procrastinating seems so appropriate.

The weather in Shah Alam is absurd. It hadn't rain for quite some time already and I can feel the weather is heating up like crazy. Everytime that I'm at home, with the fan switched on at its fullest volume, me and my friends are finally "freed" from our hostile clothings, we could still feel the warm heat, cooking our flesh bit by bit.

How I hate the nights of this hottest season of the year. It is hard to sleep when you are sweating a large pail. It even worse when every minute of the resting period you have to finish with going in and out of the toilet damping your feet, head and body. I'm getting crankier and crazier by the minutes and I almost lose it.

Just when you thought that it is going to rain, the weather once again disappoint you by showing no signs of water dropping from the sky or that cool, windy and wet feeling of rain droplets. This irritates me the most as I can't focus or do my work in this hot and not to mention, dry-like-hell weather!

How crazy am I with this matter? Crazy enough that I spelled WEATHER, WHETHER early on. ufff!


  1. Weather can really get to you,
    yes sir-re,
    i take your brains is fried, boiled, and 30 ways cooked?

    yes, that about sums it up,
    feels great to go down the bare essentials,
    good way to keep it cool and un-clammy in this God-awful Humid Heat.


    That doesn't really give you the leeway to procrastinate doesn't it?
    you can put some things on the sidelines, but, some 'Mission Critical','Life Altering' decisions and work, still have to be done, hope you can scrounge up energy not to procrastinate on those.


    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

    PS:Where There's Humid Heat, There's Mosquitoes, beware of those little bastards, they can bring a lot of hurt.

  2. ohh my beloved misanthropic stalker,
    i'm not using this weather issue as the reason for me to procrastinate but if only that you knw how sweaty i can be in this absurd weather that it stops me from doing the things that i am comfortable'll understand.
    anywhoooooo..Tq for the lengthy and not to mention, supportive comments!

  3. Well, if sleeping makes you sweaty as hell, then doing anything else would be downright torture wouldn't it?

    No, No, Thank YOU for allowing me troll on your BLOG and letting me leave Ridiculously long comments,your BLOG is quite..fascinating.

    All the Best to you and the BLOG.

    PS: Why not write about those? I'm sure a BLOG post about things that make you uncomfortable and blank-headed would be a great and fascinating read.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~


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