Crappy technology can bring to crappy day!

The photocopy machine is on strike again for God-knows what is the reason and it really is a bummer!

I was so enthusiastic to print out some stuff for the final exam and stuff. Apparently, the other teachers (be it, expats or no expats) had used it and broken it. "great".

They are going to moan about the crappy machine and I'll be crappy as well since I need to use the machine to print out/copy some stuffs for my class as well. Maybe I have to go up to Jojo's place and print from her office.

I'm not moaning or complaining, but hey, how technology has been affecting us so much these days that we freak out whenever that they strike out on us. This is not good.

Greatest invention of the internet can also be such a pain in the arse when one day the connection breaks down, no connection at all and you need to submit an assignment or as a matter of fact, you need to skype/chat/FB chat with someone - can be almost like the end of the world. Well, it is to me.

I have been a person who's born with technology all around me. I can't live anywhere without the technology i.e., the internet or Facebook! So, when there were rumours saying Zuckerberg's going to close down the social network, I freaked out!

What will happen to me if there isn't any of that anymore? Yes, I'm being a bit dramatic over this thing but it's true I am panicking. I really am hoping that it is just rumours and nothing serious about it. I don't even want to pay if Z is saying we have to pay for the social network in the future. So, please, remain still as where/what you are now.

I'm blabbering while looking at one of the IH teachers, E walking back and forth in the office, looking like a psych. Great.

And slowly, a pain in my stomach is growing and I don't know what the heck is wrong with it.

Au revoir.


  1. Id wager that grumbling in your tummy is a craving for one of 3 of the greatest invention in known history; the meal, the toilet, the sanitary pad.

    Hell it might just be all of the above. ;p

    and YES, technology is a bitch, you really are stuck to the screen aren't you, more then even me.


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