new year starts and..

everyone starts their day working at the office..but me (or us?)!

Well, no students here yet (in LUCT) so we're having new staffs around and most of them are from England and nothing special about that.

Monday started pretty good with coffee and new year wishes and smiles from the bosses. So far, VERY good!

Looking forward for tomorrow as I'll be meeting my Hair Design students but I have the feeling that they'll be on holiday still so, I'll just prepare some boring handouts for them so I won't feel bored. ngeh.

And so I've heard, a lot of places around Malaysia had a wet morning due to the heavy rain. I wouldn't want that to happen but my place seems to be too warm! I'm flushed with the heat!

As I was saying, the newbies, them expatriates, they were looking all pink and red this morning! The AC is not working and so far, they seem not happy about it. Laugh at that.

So, last night was a medium happy for me. F called and we chatted. Glad to know that both of us are still in the same boat. Going with the flow and playing things according to the rules. I guess I'll have to cross out one resolution off from my list; forgetting Sarah Marshall.. eh, F.

Nothing about forgetting anyone but tj but I think, I'm doing just fine with that.

3 down, 362 to go?



  1. Love the rain, cause your gonna hate it when it starts to pour on your fun adventurous outdoors outing days.

    Cheers to 3 days of 2011


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