What are you looking at?

I'm hanging out with RJ mostly nowadays and we often get the looks on the people's faces seeing us talking and laughing over coffee or drinks or sometimes in the train. Yes, that really bugs me.

Why do people have to look at us? or perhaps at me that way? What? I'm not good enough that I can't hang out with an expat? We're just having coffee or drinks or maybe ice-cream..it's not the end of the world!

We are definitely not kissing or doing anything eye-sicking romance so why are you still looking at us that way?

Some of these days, I kind of just ignore the people but I know everytime we're talking and people looking, makes RJ thinks that Malaysians are too nosy or he's just scared that these people are going to attack him whenever he's too close talking to me. Poor guy.

But hey, I have so much fun hanging out with him. He has different views and opinions - about life, relationships, gossips, religion, everything.

He's a great company to talk to when I feel so sick of typical Malay men! (F).

But that's not the point. I know this shall pass soon and I'll be longing for F again. Hey F, I kind of disappointed with you. One after another.

Speaking of disappointment, I have a lot of 'em in my diary. Not about others but about myself. And if you notice, nowadays, I'm just writing craps and no longer organized points. Well, probably too lazy to relate the ideas or to even write one topic at a time.

In short, I like what I'm doing now, and with who I'm doing it/hanging out with now so, stop staring or gossiping!


  1. fuck em....well, not in THAT way.

    more along the line of " not caring whatever is happening around you but focused on what truly matters in front of you" kind of 'FUCK EM'.

    same goes for your writing, FUCK EM, write whatever you want however you want!

    kudos to you


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