Too angry!

The only thing that is too fucked up that would ever happened to a girl is to be only a "friend" or the "girl-I-know" and not "the one".

It's always, "I think I like this girl I know...but yes, just like her. Nothing more than that." Or... "Hey, I like you but you know, it's been a decade/55 years of time that I don't date so I've been so used to myself of not going out with anyone or to report or to say nice things to or bla bla bla....." But the main thing is that you guys are just being jackasses and bastards about commitment and relationships. Screw that.

So, don't fucking give me reasons and excuses. Best, if you just stay the fuck away.

Infatuations my ass!


  1. Better those then a conquest id say.
    even if it does sound flattering to be chased.

    if you cant stand to be associated with men who simply aren't ready, why not find men who are?

    There are literally thousand of eligible, ready and waiting bachelors waiting for the one.

    If your trully ready anyway, look at our friends that are happily married, you'll see the pattern.

    You've got all the cards, You have your religion, your faith, you have your career, you passion to teach, your love of family. I know in your heart you really do want to embark on that next great adventure of family and parenthood, and now your probably thinking agus is an asshole for reminding you that you haven't actually, truly started.

    All i am saying is this, just don't get your hopes too high on those that are just not on the same level as you, and give those who are a chance.

    God knows, some of us straggles just to get to your level of readiness. It's like your a modern nation and we're still struggling to get out of our third world status. Your just a few steps away, so be patient emmkaaaayyy.

    Chill Out Stay Frosty.


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