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The title of the article I came across 30 minutes ago entitled, "I need a new drug!" written by Zainal Alam Kadir from Malay Mail, 10th of February 2011 has actually made me opened up my eyes to the fact that, not everyone in the entertainment industry is shallow. WOW!

I have known to the reality that Alam is one of the most superb writer cum journalist in the pulp-material source industry. I still remember I read about him in the net about how hardworking writer he was when he first joined the News Strait Times Press (M).

Even when he hosted a few tv programs for the national tv and Astro back then, I have always been admiring his guts and wits. He's just an ordinary tv/writer guy in the entertainment industry but there is the X-factor in him that always keeps me to imagine myself to become like him (of course, the woman version of Alam).

The input he provides for the readers and viewers whenever he writes or hosts are rather captivating. Just like the article that I mentioned, he is tired of all the tedious gossips and made-up stories by the Malaysian celebrities and reporters who forgot about the reality of life about other people's misery that happens all around the world. I salute him for that. I admire him for his boldness. He slashes the others who are the same like him; writing about gossips, celebrities, other people's life and not worry about getting his ass kicked by those whom he criticizes.

Well, the country is still three steps behind the other developed nations out there. Therefore, it's hard to find those who are really brave to fight, to condemn or even to speak out the truth about others but Alam, he has his own column in the press to say whatever shit he wants to say and no one can do anything about it. He's telling the truth, he's blurting out the fact that there are too many people working in the media industry are rubbish. They gave an excuse that they are providing content based on what the readers or the viewers want to read/hear/see but never what they want to really deliver.

It really is frustrating to know this ugly truth. I have to admit that I buy newspapers just to read the gossip and the 'soft' news rather than the 'hard', serious news about politics, war and economy! That reminds me of how depressing the world is out there. Everything that involves people with dirty minds and unethical behaviors. The texts written in the 'hard' news space? - too scary to even finish!

So, when Alam wrote about how he feels about his fellow "colleagues" and how superficial they are especially when reporting irrelevant information about the celebrities, I know that the press is just rubbish. They are spoon-feeding us with rubbish and none of those things we read in the newspaper can actually be called, "information".

Let me just quote what he stated in the column; I don't know. Perhaps the entertainment business is getting a little too predictable lately that writing (and caring) about it is no longer joyful. He even said that he feels numb now probably due to too much of routine "artwork" in the newspaper.

Alam, if you ever read this, I just want you to know, your fellow reporter friends (especially those who write rubbish) are bullocks. So, please stick around, please continue writing because you really are an inspiration. You make me want to read newspaper though the contents are boring.


  1. Honestly, I've been reading hard news more then anything these days, and find myself wanting more.

    The fact either trickles down or just gets watered and diluted and deluged. You know its a slow news week when you read day in day out about fucking fake eggs.

    Yes, news is all about what the masses want to read, to know about, a mirror, a reflection on the society at large itself.

    Now i know why i became such a misanthrope in the first place.

    I guess, those like alam will just need to continue crusading what they believe in, either that, or state the obvious, say what we, the readers, those that sometimes are just to scared or lazy to voice it, " WE ARE FUCKING BORED OF THE BULLSHIT YOU DUMB FUCK MASS MEDIA ASSHOLES!!!! ".

    In effect pleasing not only the readers, but also put it out there, not everybody is a fucking zombie.


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