space invaders

I've had too many times in my life people keep on invading my space and privacy. I'm not saying major, serious spaces and privacy like my room (one time) or diary or financial account but I'm talking about space in the train or anywhere that I'm standing at.

Of course, most of this invasion happened in train since I am in it almost 60% of my life/day.

So there was this one fine evening, I was coming back from the office with Pileggi's in my hand and a soothing Gamelan music going through my ears, there were not so many people, probably because it was already late, around 9 pm (workday), I was really enjoying the time in the train and while reading, while imagining and relating the stuff that happened in the book with where or what I was doing at the time. This little peace I had was abruptly affected when the train stopped and more strangers came into the train. A very loud lady age circa 23ish was talking to one of her friends about her "victory" in winning a guy's heart! By the way she spoke, I assumed that she's the female Casanova!

For the next 15 minutes, she was bragging about how she demotivated the "partner", how she was able to be in-control in the relationship, etc. Pileggi was no longer inside my head as I can't focus with the lines when loud, annoying noise kept coming into my ears.

Truthfully, I sometimes talk very loud too but the main concern now is that, she was not only talking too loud, she was standing too close to me as if there were no more space inside the train! She was literally resting her elbow on a handle steel that was really-REALLY close to my face! This situation is unbearable especially when you're concentrating on your reading and heading home hopefully in peace. So, the usual thing that others would do (the same like what I did) was giving her the stare. Yep, I looked at her and gave that quizzical look that says "what the f do you think you're doing?" but to no avail! She ignored the look and kept on talking to her friend and picked up a call and answered it like she's the goddess of Shiva! Pathetic.

Another space invading event happened yesterday in the train, again. Have you ever felt squeezed in between people when you're sitting down in the train? I was "sandwiched" and held "hostage" for about 15 minutes last night by two big-sized men! Don't get me wrong. I don't have any problem if you are a big-sized person or even a small-sized man! I treat humans equally but yesterday's "sandwiched" moment was inevitable. I wanted to get up but I couldn't even move my fingers that were probably stuck in between the little space of me and the the guy on my right. Grrreeattt.

But the best part of yesterday would be, after the two men got up, and out the train, there was this old, freaky man entered and sat down next to me. As usual, I continued on reading and ignored everyone around me. But the thing that I couldn't ignore was he was literally jerking off in the train, when there were A LOT of people around! He was moving, or maybe more of fidgeting and shaking his legs while touching himself, there! There were two girls standing in front of me and him (yes, he was sitting next to me), their facial expressions changed to disgust and probably....fear? At first I thought the guy was fidgeting because it was too cold inside the train or he's sleepy or he wanted to pee but when I realized the two girls' expression, and the other guy who was sitting on the other side kept looking and wondering what the heck he was doing, I quickly got up and looked at him with DISGUST! I asked one of the girl, is he really doing it and she somewhat confirmed it and kind of laughed at the situation....and I'm being the usual me, I yelled at him, "kat dalam tren pon sempat ke? dah la dah tua! terok betol kau ni!" (you can even "do it" in the train? you've got to be joking me old man!)

So, to all space invaders, are you guys seriously didn't realize this or you're just playing plain idiot? For everyone's sakes, please behave yourself. Tak malu ke?


    to that last one. Seriously dude, DAYYUUMM~!!

    as for sandwiched, that's a given, loud annoying bitches, well **coughs** that's natural as well.


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