headphone ko paling besar???

Too many times in my life I've seen people wearing their headphones while walking or waiting for the bus/train. I'm not talking the small, nice looking headphones but BIG, attention-drawing kind of headphones!

If you think you look cool wearing it, think again, no you're not!

It's cool if you're superbly, deadly, drop dead gorgeous/handsome but if you're fat (I have no problem with plus sized people, just the ones .. you know), you're a female, you're wearing hijab and most of all, if you wear tight shirt with tight jeans with hijab! you're NEVER cool but looking so odd!

Why can't you just buy the earphones and wear it underneath your Hijab? That would look more decent and sweet I think. But if you still insist on wearing the headphones, please behave! Don't go shake your booty in front of the public or singing out loud like you own the place or something. Especially when you have your Hijab on! When people stare at you it's not because they think you're hip, but they loath the scenery they have right in front of their eyes.

(I can still imagine the girl's face I saw this morning! euw!)

So, please although you have the highest level of confidence in you, save yourself from embarrassment will you? Act appropriately. Lady-like ke hape ke takleh ke?


  1. ROFL!@

    annoying isn't it? but you know sometimes it brings a smile on my face when i ride the train and see all of these..unbelievable occurences..it either highlights that we are living in a breathing vibrant Filled-with-excitement world, or that the whole fucking world is going to fucking hell in a bread basket.

    Take your pick.

    On a side note, i love big headphones, it lessens the annoying-bitch-that-talks-like-shes-trying-out-for-a-soprano-gig-at-the-opera sound.
    and its easier to put on and off for those wearing the hijab then earphones.


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