thank you

Alhamdulillah.. Subhannallah, ya Allah. Thank you so much.

This year was not a bad year after all. So far, I can say 2011 is such a good start for me. Everything around me that is happening right now is just overwhelming. I'm so happy that I have ended all the miserable negative thoughts I had about life before and I'm deliberately looking at things with consequences and outcomes, positive vibes, positively challenging as well.

I know I'd moan about the challenges from time to time but I'm not perfect. I'd do it occasionally but I'll try to reduce it.

So, as promised, this year I won't be talking too much of looking for Mr. Right or marriage but I know I can't wait to have my own child. That is the one thing that everytime I go to weddings or see people with family/babies, I'd be so anxious to have my own. But I have faith in His blessings, in fate, I'll have my own one day. No pressure. Let's just explore the world. Let's just see what other things that I'm capable of doing.

Speaking of marriage, the circle of friends are slowly, one by one is biting off the dust. Yesterday was dela and tawam's turn and fie and naja will be in May. Love is all around. Tense and excitement are mixing in the air and I just hope that everyone gets their happy ending.

And to those of you who think I'll become a bitter, old lady who doesn't trust about love again, don't worry. InsyaAllah, I will not feel that way. I know true love is worth waiting for and it will come one day. God has His own plan for me. My love will come knock on my door one day and I'll take him for whoever he is and I will have my happy ending.



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