first timer~

sume org ade blog. so why don't i have one? hee~

aku dh sign up for the blog dh lame. almost 3 months but i never had the chance to write anything.
ohhh..ini aku ------------------------------------------>

i guess, here's one for a start. im not really that talented to write any piece but i'll try my best. XD is the 3rd of may and it has been a month now that i say "I Love You" to someone. the way, he's name is Wahyu Nurcahyo and he's an Indonesian. i know it's kinda lame that my first blog is about a boyfriend. well, to tell you the truth, he is all that i'm thinking of right now. sorry la.

let's take a peek of who is my current victim. haha. evil nya aku. anyway, td aku dh ckp he's name is Wahyu NurCahyo. if you think about it again, every single of his name means light, cahaya. huhu. it's not a typical name like ali or abu or osman or anything but it's special. (ye la time hangat2 ni la nk puji. haha.)

he's a scorpio. and for i don't know what reason that i often meet a guy who is a scorpio. so far all of the relationships tak jadi. but let's hope that this time the relationship will stay strong a little bit longer or perhaps long enough so that i can at least make him my partner in crime sampai mati.

he is 21 years old. he was born on the 6th of november 1986. which is 20 days before i was born. gempak tak? haha. i know every one will say "good luck" with that look in their faces when i say he is the same age. tp pegi la mampus. i don't care. honestly, at first i thought that this will only be a disappointment but since that he insisted on trying it so much, aku ikot je la. what the hell kan... we are still young. let's just try. what damage can it possibly be after all of the heartaches that i have been through. i'm not going to see him so, maybe, the cost that i will have to pay is not going to be that high. hopefully.

i know wahyu during my Gamelan trip to Yogyakarta. yes, he is from DIY. he has been such a great friend until one day, he actually said that he wanted to be the love of my life. it was a 'kaget' moment but kinda sweet la. it took me at least a week to think about his proposal. friends, hunches, intuitions, conscience and everything tells me that don't let this madness enters your life if you don't want to suffer more. again, the heart wins!

the heart tells me to follow her. she told me that she will guide me to the purest of love from wahyu. yes, it does sound "jiwang", "flowery" and "yucky" haha!

hmm...this is him. i miss him so much. each and every minute of every day. luckily that we have the technology today. it really helps us to contact with each other. (thru ym, sms, yada yada).

what else about wahyu? nothing much..well, that's a little bit about my current boyfriend i guess. ohh.. i hope to see him next year around july. at that time, insyaallah, i'm done with my study and i would like to have some rests from this "life" in Malaysia for a while and go to Yogyakarta. i'm planning on a surprise visit. well, again let's just hope that it will work. if only that i could shout my heart out about how i truly feel about him right now. let's hope that this relationship is going to work and a change of my bad karma with intimate relationship. amin...

I Love you cinta.


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