it's may and it is the beginning month of semester break. aku tak rase happy and at the same time if i am asked to go back to shah alam and continue the next semester pun aku taknak. what do i want with my life? why the hell i'm feeling so demotivated with everything right now? whay can't i just enjoy my holidays like everyone else? *pelik la*

as for today, aku lagi2 bertambah determine to go to Jogjakarta next year! oohh..i can't wait. just now, aku lepak2 dgn oja. it has been a while jugak tak hang out dgn oja. we both have been so busy with our assignments and tests. i miss her so much. die tuh la partner in crime aku. haha. selain wahyu. last minute notice oja ajak hang out kt McD. haha. around 8pm lpas solat maghrib aku heret adik aku pegi McD stw lepak ngn oja. i gave oja a skirt. i've bought the skirt dh lame tapi tak bg2 kt die and today, at last aku bg gak kt oja.

mcm biase la oja's getting thinner and thinner when i see her. she even getting hotter day by day. sangat cantek. it is hard for me to say a girlfriend cantek, but when i actually say someone is beautiful, it means that she really is beautiful. ohh..semalam dh cite pasal wahyu, my hero today let's talk more about oja.

to start of, her real name is Nur Syaza Basharuddin. we have been friends since kindergarten lg. we went to Fatima Kindergarten in Ampang. well, i can't really remember what are the teachers' names tp all i know is that, that place is the best! everyone speaks English and everyone loves everyone. the teachers were superb and even the bus driver and his wife were great to us. every time that there was the sport's day oja's parents and my parents would come and give cheers.

then, when we finally end our kindergarten time, we separated. oja went to convent bukit nanas (CBN) and i went to St. Mary, KL. in the middle of the year, after the incident which i was harassed by one of my seniors in St. Mary, my mom transfered me to the school near my house, SKTS, Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Setiawangsa. then, i met oja again! but we were not in the same class. but we were still friends. we have a lot of fun in the primary.

we did also went to the same highschool. SMK Setiawangsa. we both were prefects. (haha) and we were in the same class smpai form 3. we separated again during form 4. i didn't want to study science so i decided to take accounts. unlike oja, she wanted to try to strive for science and physics. but, up until now we are still best friends. although she is studying in MMU Cyber skarang dan sgt la jauh dan jarang nk jmpe die tp we still can manage to see one another during the weekends and guess what... I invite her to tag along gi Jogja next year and she would love to come! YEAY!

ohh..btw, ini la oja ----------------------------------------------->
hehe. kadang2 muka die mcam nk mintak penampor tp seb baik aku redha dan sayang jek minah nih seadanya. hmm..what else? ohh... oja ade nikon SLR! gempak siyot! haha. ye arr budak art designing tadek nikon SLR ape cite plak kan? oja..zodiac die Libra. die cool tp die cepat 'kancheong' hehe. she's a very strict person and very determined in what ever things that she's doing. kalau die suka something, she will be totally passionate about it. that's pretty much about oja. selain dari oja, when we are hanging out together, there's always our big sister, ain. haha. ain is the eldest among us. but let's talk about ain tomorrow. antara oja dengan ain, ain is softer but the same time strict tp oja is the most strict and garang! ok lah..nt update lg about oja if there is any news psl die. ja ne~

Love oja so much! xoxo


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