Please don't take my memory away.

All I have with Wahyu is our memory.

Everyday I pray to God not to take away my memory. Even if He really wants to take it away from me, I hope that he does not take the memory of my Wahyu. I want to keep it always in my mind. If such thing ever happened to me, let him know that my heart beats every second for him. If God is taking away my happiness, let him take the happiness so that others can have it but spare me the memory that I have. Though the memory is simply for a short while, let me cherish it with all my heart and all my life. As long as I have him in my memory, it's enough. If I ever forget about who Wahyu was to me, let him know I would always say; ......I love you Wahyu.

You can have my everything, but please don't take Wahyu and my memory of him away from me.


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