jalan-jalan dengan eisya

Rabu, 7th of May. Aku pegi tgk movie dengan miss Aeisya Joharry together with my lovely aunt, makndak. we had so much fun! we watched Love and it was not that typical. I still love the part where the grandfather, eyang was suffering from Alzheimer.

I empathy with Alzheimer patients since it runs in the family and I may inherit this genetic disease from both my parents. Well, back to the story where aku, eisya and makndak went for the movies. Nak dijadikan cerita, we all went to the movies by ourselves, separately. Makndak dari ofis, eisya naik bus dari ampang while i traveled with the transit (LRT) to KLCC.

This is my lovely makndak!

At first, mama was a little reluctant to let me go out from the house which is up until now aku pun tak paham and will never get it. Sebab I was not even going to any party at night, plus I'm going out for movies at 10.30 in the morning with her in law lagi. *tak paham, ckup tak paham* she mentioned, "haih, baru abes exam semalam, hari nih dah nk g tgk movie?" apekah significant-nye statement die itu? I mean, bukan sebab dah abes exam la kite kua jalan2 and have fun kan? *blurr aku.

So, because of her reluctance of letting me go, I was late to meet them at the cinema at 11.15 am and the show was at 11.30 am. tapi aku nih positive and sangat2 lah bersabar. so, aku redah je (nadia's tagline) and well, what do you know, aku memang lambat! Damn it. as soon as I reached the cinema, muka makndak pon kinda scary except for amoi gamelan aku, eisya yang always happy! So, tadek mukadimah ape2, we went straight to the hall and watched the show. Dalam show, tears were dropping heavily, aku bertambah rindu dekat wahyu because the scenes dalam cite tuh reminded me of him. Sampai satu part, I realized that wahyu called. *sigh* ohh boyfriend, I miss you like crazy. Dalam air mata jatuh berlinangan tuh, sempat jugak perut aku berkeroncong. Lapaq! Dari kuar umah td aku tak sentuh apa2 pun. Kesian aku. Takpe la I'll just wait for abes cite nih then aku nak melantak Ramen! yumm.. When the movie was finished, aku, eisya and makndak bergegas to the foodcourt! And by that time, there were a lot of people there! Macam in the middle of the ocean, where there are sharks waiting to eat its lunch! *scary* Makndak wanted to have a lunch date with her husband, so aku lunch date dengan eisya. hihi. Lepas makan, makndak and pakndak aku gerak la sambung kerja masing2 while the both of us.... bergumbira la! haha. *evil*

Macam biasa, jalan2, makan2 lagi, jalan2 lagi, there was pretty much nothing to do so habiskan la masa yang banyak macam ikan bilis jalan2 lagi. But overall, it was a nice day out la setelah cramped with tons of assignments, tests and exams! what a relief!

Here are some of our borinnngg poses! haha!


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