tak sbar nye aku!

today is already 30th of may..esk last main utk convo and i'm off to kemal's wedding then straight to Kapas! yeay~
dah tak saba weh nak get away from shah alam! everything is chaotic and pretty hands full of exhaustion! mane tak nye everyday kena naik bas or cab nk g main camp. bosan lowhh!! at first, i took it as a challenge and to prepare myself if i were to work and to face the real world in the future tapi macam tak sanggup jek mak minah oi!!
well..thank god that it's going to end soon, so bley aku spend more time with myself and my cousins yang tak abes2 suh aku tutor English for them..
ni je kot. i think i shud stop here. nothing else to share or to bluff. haha. catch up with u later my lovely blog. ja ne~


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