adik aku yang namenye afiq

The other day a friend of mine mentioned something about me putting up most of my entries about my brother.
It had never really came across my conscious that I really did that. Of being jolly and annoyed at the same time with the various personality he portrays everyday at home I wanted to share with everyone how much I love my brother without really say it to him or to mom or dad or other baby brothers.
He is my best friend for so many years despite of all the 'cats and dogs rains' we had gone through as siblings!
We fought, we laugh, we had a sneak-out pact, we bullied our little brother, amir and we even cried together upon stupid things.
You will never know what do you have when it has finally gone. The time that we have been sharing all this while soon will be gone as he might get married soon and grow up to be someone else and I might do the same thing as well.
I know I have always say he can be an a^& but I still love him la weh!

At times I think he has actually grown so mature than I am. The fact that we are only one-year apart from one another, he turns out to be the big brother and I am the little sister. sigh

I'm posting another entry about him la! alamak~


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