What a Sunday!

It was so much fun today!

One of our friends, Basher just got home from Dubai 2 days ago and today we all went lepak-ing!

I'm glad that I called and text-ed everyone to join the "mini gathering"!

We should do it again and again la!

It was a relieved when I finally meet Chika and Lyd! Gosh I miss them so much!

There was Basher, me, chika, lyd, amar, watep, ikwan, aiman, alep, sam and even lyd's friend who was apparently one of our ex-schoolmate during the primary!

So much fun and reminiscing time all over again. Yes too bad that Ikwan, my ex was also there so they get to bahan aku puas-puas! shite

After this tunggu ajea lak balik weh and then lepak lagi!! woohoo~

In all, aku rase sgt best hari ini!!


  1. best nyeee!! lama tak rase best macam tu wei!!! :D bila laa kawan2 aku nak balik sme??!


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