The one thing that I have always wanted is...

A sister.

As you all know, I have four brothers. Little brothers.

When I was 10, I asked my mom if she had ever thought of getting a baby sister and she said, "of course". Apparently after so many 'trials', we happened to have more and more baby brothers.

I still remember one time when I was still in the primary, the one friend that I have, Dayana. She was like a sister to me. I loved the times when we were always hanging out together, going to school together and had slumber parties at each other's house almost every weekends.

Then, we were separated. She had always been the brainy one and I'm just another girl next door. Not popular enough, not smart enough, not good enough and never will be enough.

As time goes by I grew up to be someone different. My relationship with my mom was never that good. We never speak the same langugae, we never had the similar interest. At times like these I have always wished for a sister.

Most of my friends have sisters. They share about almost everything with their sisters. How fun is that?

I have always wanted a sister. Someone to talk to about love, relationships, clothes, shoes, musics, everything.

Yes, I have my cousins. You know how different is that.

I'm grateful for what I have now. I am thankful for all of my lovely brothers that I owned. I just thought if I ever could wish for one thing in this life is that I wish to have a sister.

A little baby sister like Tatty is okay.

Life is unfair to some people but I'm not being an ungrateful a^$. Just saying.


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