Process this!

I'm processing a whole bunch of information in my head right now. At first, it sounded really fake and not to mention bullshit. Somehow, I realize it may be true after all. Why the hell would someone lie about such thing.

Life is so damn hard for me. Try love. Double the excitement and adrenaline rush!

All I'm hoping is that I can get through all of this and lead a happy and prosperous life.

At the moment, I have a thesis to start, three books to finish (Emma by Jane Austen, Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence & The Naked Face by Sydney Sheldon) and a driving license to get! So, that's pretty much what I'll be doing this holidays. No working at cafes or fastfoods. No working at the bookstore or boutiques. Just chillin' at home trying to finish the things up.

My current obsession is Amirul Rezza. Yes, I know I'm leaping off from one relationship to the other. But how can I resist? He's near. I hope that everyone understands. I'm happy and that's enough. I don't care what other people might think or thinking right now.

My birthday is coming and I'm planning to chill at home with mom and babah. I don't feel like celebrating it. This year I just want to eat my birthday cake or cupcakes with my dearest family. No party or anything. I am thrill and al excited to step into the age of 22 but I don't think that it is appropriate to have parties at the age like that. Well, maybe to some people but not Adeb.

Enough saying, friends wishing me happy birthdays, mom and babah are at home having dinner and cakes with me, my dearest guy say the wishing and my band of brothers are at home watching our all-time-favourite war movies, Saving Private Ryan while having our cakes. That's all. Prezzies? No mood lah~


  1. owh..inilah amirul rezza yg ko maksudkan itu eh?? aku dh tgk gambor dia tapi aku ingatkan ko kuar lepak2 ngn artis ke..lalu ko amik gambar dia..cuz nama dia cam komersial ni org kebanyakan jugak eh?? i see..ensem! ensem! *ini bukan aku puji dia sbb aku ndak. aku puji as an encouragement untuk ko lah!* ;p

  2. artis? ahaha. ape lah elly nih. haish!


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