Sunday - anyone?

I love Sunday! Of all the days, I prefer Sunday. Today is the only day that I get to see everyone at home or at least some of them. I like the smell of Sunday and my mood turned out to be fine on Sunday.

I usually clean up my room on Sunday and today is the day for me chillin' at home watching the tele. I would usually watch all of the marathons that I didn't get to watch during the weekdays since that mom conquers the tele all the time. I get to watch drama series and even Hindi movies! That is why Sunday is my day. If anyone ever ask me out on a date on Sunday I would have to pass. Sunday is my day and on Sunday, my room is my territory. No one enters my room and no one comes to my home. As simple as that.

Interesting things usually happen on Sunday. Like my horoscope, it is stated that,

if you have a shopping trip planned for today, you might want to reschedule it. Your way with finances is a little bit messy right now and you could end up succumbing to the charms of an impulse buy! Your biggest problem is that you are losing focus -- you're not quite as organized as you used to be about tracking where every penny goes. Once you get a little bit more disciplined about balancing your checkbook and saving those receipts, you'll be good to go again.

I sure did follow the advise, by staying at home. I enjoyed staying at home today. A close friend, eisya gave me her idea of keeping things slow and easy with the new guy.

She told me not to rush things up. I hate her for that. Thus, I should follow.

I have finally finished the Naked Face so I moved on with the Women in Love today. Sunday is a good day to start fresh a new book!

The new reading is hard. It is not as simple as anything like the modern writers usually write. A phrase like, "She was killed by a man with a crooked smile" can never be put up by these ancient writers like David Herbert Lawrence. I dare to quote, "I think my coming back home was just reculer pour miex sauter."

It was hard for me to understand that. I'm not really a big fan of literature like one of my senior is. I'm trying to read more literature sources like he does so that I could brush up my writing skills which I know it would never be as easy as I thought it would be.

Sunday is the day to learn own flaws as well. One can never be as good as the other. Each and every human being is created differently from one another. I like to read. I do, but I'm not good at interpreting underlying meanings. I like to write but I can never write like any of those hell damn great writers!

Sunday is the day which I discover death isn't the end of everything. It is shocking to think that one may leave us one day without saying goodbye or without knowing and expecting he is leaving. Eventually, I discovered that if I were to die one day, I hope that my family and friends are not to be sad or grieving upon my death. Take it as a celebration of me leaving this fake, artificial momentarily life and He loves me more than anyone else does.

And Sunday is the day that I found out I write stupid things that have no connection from the first paragraph to the other. So I hope that whoever is reading this please hold yourselves from laughing your heart out.

No. On the other hand, I think you should. Sunday is the day for laughter.

All I'm saying is that, enjoy your Sunday because tomorrow is already Monday. Monday is a crappy day.


This is me on a Sunday. Enjoying every moment of it. Learning new things from my surroundings just at the tip of my fingers. Talking about irony of the new religion, Googlism and the web is the God. Standing ovation for my dear student, Amir Norman. He told me about Googlism.

Now I can go to bed and dream about Amirul Rezza. ahhh~


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